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We are associated with number of vendors over a long period of time. With their support,  we provide our customers with remarkable product range within a strict time frame. We believe in long-term relationships and our business relations are based on trust and mutual respect. Our vendors provide products like Profile Cutting Machine with exact specifications and create products that are in compliance with global standards. We completely ensure that our associates use high grade materials while producing these products. Moreover, we have a well-knitted distribution network that helps us to supply products to various parts of the world.

Warehouse & Logistics

Our association brags of a solid standing infrastructural advantage. We have unrivaled warehousing facility where every selected item is put away in a composed manner to be transported to the customer at in moment. Our large logistics system inside and outside the limits of the business is intended for substantial heavy duty work as for conveying expansive amounts of products to different parts of the world. Our experts make utilization of figured methods to exchange and supply our customers with a scope of prevalent quality products within a minimum time frame, guaranteeing that our customers specifications and time limit. 

Fast Delivery

We completely respect our client's and their precious time thus, make sure that right product like Profile Cutting Machine is delivered in right condition at the right time. The delivery of the products is the last and most critical stage through which the company can gain their client's trust. For the fast delivery of consignments, we take the help of our proficient C&F agents who utilizes fully-integrated transport facilities. These agents are highly trained, qualified professionals and licensed having complete knowledge about custom regulations and tariff schedules. They very well known how to ensure safest, fastest and the most efficient route for delivery of goods. We identify essential transportation mediums and ensure proper documentation of the dispatched orders.

Our Vendor Management

Vendors play a pivotal role in our business. We are associated with number of reputed vendors of the industry, and we follow best vendor management policy to build a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with our vendors. Our vendors strengthen our company's overall performance in the marketplace. For new vendors, we monitor their performance in short periods. These include shipping times, quality of services, order completion, etc. We believe the most important part of vendor management is communication. We maintain a well-maintained line of communication with our vendors.

Product Range

We offer our customers with following products:

  • Welding
  • PPE Wire
  • Mig
  • Tig
  • Hardware Machine
  • Cable
  • Gloves
  • Torch
  • Power Cable
  • Drill
  • Grinding
  • Profile Cutting Machine
  • Welding Set
  • Measurement Tools
  • Safety Tools
  • Hand Tools
  • Working Gloves